Teacher training

I’ve been a teacher for about 15 years and have done a PGCE. SO I’ve got a fair bit of experience in this. I have just taught secondary stuff though which I realise is different from University level lecturing and small group teaching. However, the principals are exactly the same – have a learning outcome, know how to get there to best suit the type of audience you have and their needs and find a way to best achieve this while including everyone and their distinct learning styles. Therefore yesterday’s day long series of talks and workshops were basically going over everything I’ve done for a long time and could train people to do. You have to attend these kinds of things and show willing though, and hopefully it will be added to me DDP profile so that will be something else to tick off.
On reflection, I hope I don’t have to do too much teaching this year. A few things here and there would be useful to earn a bit more money and get into the habit of teaching an older clientele with greater academic aspirations in theory. I more want to focus on the PhD research though and ensure this is my primary focus. Hitting the books and the journals will be the main thing, particularly as I know just how dedicated I get when I start to teach!
What was good though was the social afterwards in Red Deer. There are a very good crowd of people doing PhDs in the language school, so will be a lot of good company around


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